What Is NAD IV Therapy?

If you keep up with the latest innovations in the health and beauty industry, you’ve probably heard a mention of IV hydration or drip therapy. But you might be asking yourself, “What is NAD IV therapy?” Those highly sought-after drips contain are rich in vitamins and NAD molecules that pique everyone’s curiosity. It’s no surprise, […]

How Much Is NAD IV Therapy? Pricing Explained

How Much is NAD IV Therapy

Did you know that IV therapy is becoming one of the hottest wellness treatments today? Specifically, NAD IV infusions are making big waves. This is thanks to the enzyme’s critical role in our body’s metabolism- among other factors.  So, how much does NAD IV therapy cost? As with any medical treatment, it comes with a […]

Guide to Using NAD IV Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Recover better from drug addiction

Are you struggling with beating addiction? Then NAD+ might be an option for you. NAD therapy for drug addiction is a recent addition to the recovery realm. While still relatively new, it brings many possibilities and potential for making big moves in the wellness industry. Keep reading to learn what NAD IV treatments are all […]

Using NAD IV Therapy for Brain and Neurological Health

NAD IV Therapy improves your brain function

Imagine a medicine that can improve your brain and neurological performance. NAD IV therapy (aka NAD hydration treatments) is a new wellness technique that can boost brain function and improve your brain’s overall health. Perhaps you are an athlete, business owner, manager, or director. Regardless of your title, you want to improve the way you […]

A Quick Look at NAD+ Regenerative Therapies

Super Charge Your Body with IV Therapy at Metta Medicine in Mesa, AZ

Want to boost your energy and turn back the aging clock? NAD+ IV therapy can do both. NAD+ regenerative IV therapy has become famous thanks to its use in addiction recovery, cognitive performance, and age reversal. Many practitioners consider it a breakthrough in regenerative medicine due to its longevity and healing powers. Let’s talk about […]

What Is IV Therapy? A Quick Guide to Infusion

Improve Your Immune System with IV Therapy from Metta Medicine in Mesa, AZ

If you follow any of the latest trends in beauty and health, you’ve heard about IV therapy. Now, sticking a needle in your veins (under medical administration) might not sound like fun to most people. But it’s actually not as unpleasant as it sounds. In fact, IV hydration therapy (aka IV drip or infusion) comes […]