Did you know that IV therapy is becoming one of the hottest wellness treatments today? Specifically, NAD IV infusions are making big waves. This is thanks to the enzyme’s critical role in our body’s metabolism- among other factors. 

So, how much does NAD IV therapy cost? As with any medical treatment, it comes with a price tag. Keep reading to explore pricing options and must-know financial information. We even linked our convenient pricing menu, so you aren’t met with any surprises when booking your infusion session.

NAD IV Therapy pricing

How Much Does NAD IV Therapy Cost?

The price of IV therapy is usually between $100 to $500 per session. Each type of IV infusion comes with a different price because of the unique minerals, vitamins, and enzymes involved in the drip. For example, a basic hydration IV will fall on the lower end of that amount, while an NAD+ IV treatment will fall on the higher end. 

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Is NAD IV Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, NAD or any other type of IV therapy is not accepted by most insurance companies, Medicaid, or Medicare. Insurance providers simply do not want to pay for this type of treatment, or if they do, it takes months to process. 

So, it’s just a hassle for the IV practice and the insurance company. Prepare to pay for your infusion out of pocket. 

Get a Free Consultation First 

Before you receive a drip, always get a consultation. We always provide free consultations to create a customized plan just for you. This is to ensure you understand all the treatment steps, aftercare, and what to expect from your IV infusion. 

No matter who you choose for your IV therapy, you’ll need to provide your current medical history, medication regimen, and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is purely standard for any medical facility. 

Trusted NAD IV Therapy Practitioners in Mesa, AZ

The Metta Medicine clinic hosts some of the best NAD IV Therapy practitioners in Arizona. Along with our amazing team, we offer all the best drips: hydration IV, Detoxifier IV, Athlete IV, Migraine Relief IV, and more. 

If you’re curious about NAD infusion therapy, we recommend you book an appointment with our experts. That way, you can gain in-depth knowledge about the practice and feel comfortable getting a procedure simultaneously. Because education and knowledge are part of the process toward becoming a healthier you.

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