Imagine a medicine that can improve your brain and neurological performance. NAD IV therapy (aka NAD hydration treatments) is a new wellness technique that can boost brain function and improve your brain’s overall health.

Perhaps you are an athlete, business owner, manager, or director. Regardless of your title, you want to improve the way you think, be able to do more, and feel mentally sharp. Research shows that NAD can do all of the above. 

Let’s discuss what the NAD molecule does and how a NAD IV treatment can upgrade your brain.

NAD IV Therapy improves your brain function

What Is NAD+?

NAD is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a coenzyme your body naturally produces that plays a key role in metabolic functions.

The molecule is present in all living cells, playing a major part in homeostasis. Your body keeps a steady reserve of NAD available at all times- except it can be depleted under certain stressors.

Even anxiety, depression, aging, PTSD, and Parkinson’s can cause dents in your body’s NAD reserve. So, alcohol and drugs are not the only culprits of a low NAD supply.

What Is NAD+ IV Therapy for Brain Health?

So, you know what NAD is. But what is NAD hydration therapy?

NAD IV therapy is an IV hydration (infusion) treatment that focuses on refueling your body’s natural NAD levels. An IV drip will be inserted into your veins, and you’ll receive a steady drip full of NAD+ straight into your bloodstream.

Benefits of Using NAD+ Treatments for Brain Improvement

A lack of NAD means a lack of energy in your body. Since the brain requires the most energy to function, you will naturally notice symptoms first show up in your nervous system. Perhaps you’re having a hard time concentrating or feel unusually tired during the day.

NAD IV therapy for brain function will reverse those issues and more.

Improve Memory

Memory matters- especially as you age. So, a major benefit to getting an NAD+ IV therapy session is a sharp memory. You’ll be able to remember more and forget less.

Boost Focus

A NAD IV treatment for brain function will also help boost your focus. It heightens concentration and allows you to carry thoughts out to completion.

Improve Mental Clarity

The NAD coenzyme helps slow down cognitive decline. So, your brain will feel a sense of clarity and lose the mental fog that comes with low enzyme levels.

Gain Energy

NAD IV therapy helps you produce more ATP- the source of energy for the body’s cells. This results in higher energy levels and less tiredness.

Premier NAD IV Therapy for Brain Function in Arizona

Overall, NAD is a fantastic investment in your personal wellbeing. You will feel mentally sharp and even less stressed after just one treatment.

Our Arizona clinic offers premium NAD treatments for brain and neurological health. Book your appointment today or click that link to find out more information. We want to help you feel the best you’ve ever felt.