Are you struggling with beating addiction? Then NAD+ might be an option for you. NAD therapy for drug addiction is a recent addition to the recovery realm. While still relatively new, it brings many possibilities and potential for making big moves in the wellness industry.

Keep reading to learn what NAD IV treatments are all about.

P.S. If you or someone you know needs help, call the SAMHSA National Helpline for 24/7 information regarding mental and substance use disorders.

Recover better from drug addiction

What Is NAD?

NAD is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a coenzyme your body naturally produces that plays a crucial role in metabolic functions.

The molecule is actually present in all living cells, playing a major part in homeostasis. Your body keeps a steady reserve of NAD available at all times- except it can be depleted under certain stressors.

Even anxiety, depression, aging, PTSD, and Parkinson’s can cause dents in your body’s NAD reserve. So, alcohol and drugs are not the only culprits of low NAD.

What Is NAD IV Therapy?

NAD IV therapy is an IV hydration (infusion) treatment that focuses on refueling your body’s natural NAD levels. An IV drip will be inserted into your veins, and you’ll receive a steady drip full of NAD+ straight into your bloodstream.

Depending on the intensity of your addiction and recommended NAD levels, a typical treatment session will need to be followed up 1-2 months later.

Why Use NAD IV Therapy for Addiction Recovery?

Like we mentioned, the human body naturally produces the NAD compound. Through repeated drug or alcohol use, those substances mute our body’s ability to produce NAD on its own. Thus, NAD levels gradually go down.

So, what are the benefits of getting a NAD treatment for addiction recovery?

Minimize Withdrawal Symptoms

The biggest reason you’d want a NAD treatment is to help minimize your withdrawal symptoms and cravings that arise. Helping you beat cravings alone is a wonderful benefit that NAD hydration therapy provides.

Complete Absorption

Because it is absorbed intravenously, your body can absorb the full amount of NAD. This is compared to taking it in a pill form, which doesn’t absorb so easily.

System Flush

Another benefit is that NAD therapy floods the body’s system. This means all of the drugs or substances that are still in the user’s system will be flushed out. It feels quite refreshing.

It’s important to note that using NAD IV therapy for addiction recovery is not a cure-all treatment. It cannot cure you of addiction without proper rehab and therapy to fix the problem at its core.

Premier NAD IV Treatment in Arizona

Kickstart your addiction recovery the right way. First, enroll in a therapy program and then pair that healing experience with NAD IV treatments. Our Arizona clinic offers premium NAD treatments for addiction recovery. Book your appointment today or click that link to find out more information. We want to help you feel the best you’ve ever felt.