Want to boost your energy and turn back the aging clock? NAD+ IV therapy can do both.

NAD+ regenerative IV therapy has become famous thanks to its use in addiction recovery, cognitive performance, and age reversal. Many practitioners consider it a breakthrough in regenerative medicine due to its longevity and healing powers.

Let’s talk about what NAD+ is, how it works, and the potential benefits of experiencing an NAD+ IV infusion.

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What Is NAD+ Regenerative Therapy?

NAD+ is the oxidized form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide- different from NADH. Just like other IV drips, NAD is infused intravenously by an IV hydration practitioner. A high dose of NAD and associated vitamins and minerals are combined to create the holistic mixture.

Since the dose of NAD is administered directly into the veins, it is quickly and efficiently absorbed for immediate healing.

Is NAD+ Therapy a Cure-All for Addiction?

The body’s natural NAD storage is depleted with repeated drug use. So, a lot of people who suffer from addiction try using NAD+ therapy to cure them completely. While NAD+ is incredibly beneficial, it is not a cure-all for addiction. Yes, it can make the recovery process more tolerable and support the body.

But this type of IV infusion therapy works the best when paired with a well-rounded recovery program. So, along with NAD+, the patient would need to receive behavior therapy, group support, and any other medications or therapy that will lead to real change from a mental and behavioral standpoint.

Benefits of NAD+ Therapy

The NAD molecule is an essential component to sustaining life. It is involved in numerous biological processes. So, boosting your NAD levels means enhancing your entire bodily system. There is even evidence that NAD+ can slow or improve conditions associated with Dementia or Brain Injury.

It should be noted that NAD+ IV infusions can also aid weight management, muscle health and development, and pain reduction as it relates to inflammation or chronic conditions.

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